The Most Advanced Platform For Crime Reporting and Crime
Analytics Ever Invented.


>> Newtek Master VAR Agreement
>> CloseWatch Wins Statewide School Contract
>> iWatchArmy Project Awarded

iWatch Apps raise awareness for crime prevention, generates public support for local crime fighting efforts and deepens the relationship between law enforcement and communities.
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iWatch Features With iPredict Dashboard

Track Tips

Have the ability to track tips by user, offense, reporting area and more.


Reports received may be auto-responded or live response (ie: Dispatch or CID).


The Dashboard can integrate to CAD to display offense, and can send tip content back to CAD for Dispatch.


Search multiple variables, such as date, offense, keyword, or UCR.


Scalable to connect multiple jurisdictions, to share locally, regionally or statewide.


Tips are mapped on Google maps, and displayed with the text of the report.


Alerting Groups or Task Force Teams may be alerted automatically.

Social Media

The app integrates to Facebook and Youtube to display content and alert the public.

Significant Achievements by the Company

Each month brings even greater accomplishments.

Read how CloseWatch is becoming a big part of National Public Safety.
And how sales and momentum are growing along side the recognition of excellence.

  • September 13, 2013

    279 Schools Put iWatch In Student's Phones

    Houston schools, sheriff's office join to fight crime. Harris County Sheriff's office is tackling the growing school safety issue by arming students with a new tool, a student safety app.

  • June 26, 2013


    "A total of 269 hydroponic marijuana plants were seized at the Bonnie Chase Drive location," HCSO says. "A total of 297 hydroponic marijuana plants were seized at the Waterfern Court location. The total estimated street value of the seizures is approximately $2.5 million."

  • July 30, 2015

    NC DPS Awards State Wide Contract

    $3.4 million, 4 year project will protect 869,000 students with SpeakupNC student safety app and analytics dashboard from CloseWatch Technologies.

  • September 3rd, 2015

    Newtek Enters Into Master Reseller Agreement

    Through this contact, NTS will provide exclusive hosting services as well as act as a Master Value Added Reseller of Closewatch ’s advanced suite of mobile applications including iWatch™, iTag™, iPredict™, used for crime tips, crime reports, citizen alerts and crime analysis.

  • Nov. 10-13, 2015

    WatchArmy ~ DOD Selects iWatch For National Base Security

    Five year contract worth $730,000. Antiterrorism is about people saying something," said Maj. Gen. David Quantock, provost marshal general of the Army. Reports filed in iWatch are then passed to the FBI's larger "eGuardian" system.

  • December 20, 2015

    Alabama DHS Selects iWatch For statewide safety

    Following a pilot rollout, the 4 year, $467,000 program could be expanded to support up to 197 police and sheriff's statewide and may include Higher Education, and k-12 in a second, even larger phase.

The iWatch product has evolved into a complete
crime tipping, crime alerting and crime analytics platform.

The most advanced public safety ecosystem for Next Generation 911, Crime Reporting & Crime Analytics ever invented.

iPredict provides a mapping of tips based upon individual and to see the status of tips assigned to that individual and the disposition of tips (active, under investigation, closed by arrest, closed by other, need more information, already known, unverified, unfounded, nuisance, other)

The iCapture City-Wide Video Surveillance solution is designed to fill the gap between smartphone videos, home security video, commercial video and municipal video surveillance. It is the first Cloud Law Enforcement Video Recorder (CLEVR) that permits the connection to an unlimited number of cameras, locations and users, without requiring any client side hardware.

Technology has created a digitally connected America that is changing everything. It's a channel for Policing that has never before existed, and, until iWatch™, was unreachable and unknown. iWatch™ Mobile is all the public needs to join Law Enforcement in fighting crime. Regardless of handset, carrier or language, anyone can use iWatch™

Cities everywhere are being increasingly challenged by the need to send immediate notifications to citizens.

Instead of old, slow, phone trees, iTALK sends the text of the message to the phone, calling upon the speech encoder in the device to say the message. A klaxon sound precedes each message as an audio logo, permitting fire, weather, bolos, traffic or an unlimited set of possible sounds to be triggered.

Use iTALK to distribute BOLO's, Missing Persons, Rewards, HAZMAT alerts, Fire, Traffic, Weather alerts, or Events, or other. Simply enter your post in iTALK, and it will automatically update to those networks and post instantly to your Departmental website.

In the dashboard, the group, location or classification of the receiver is specified, permitting unique messages for Public Safety, Fire EMS, or any segmentation required to be designated.

Cell phones are everywhere, and unfortunately can be lost anywhere. It's a double-edged sword, get the information, but put the challenge is to provide the access without the price of lost security. iWatchPatrol is the solution. By putting a secured app onto a smartphone. the access to immediate crime data is accomplished without fear of compromising security. Tips, comments, alerts and evidence can be displayed and shared in a secured platform directly connecting the patrol officer and the crime intelligence in realtime.

Losing the phone means you can keep your security since iWatchPatrol provides for remote encryption and deletion of the app from a cloud based master control panel.


Municipalities everywhere are scrambling to build mobile apps, creating a nightmare of challenges to IT departments. At the heart of this change is the expectation they must be willing to retool their technical skills and adopt a new design mindset.

But CivilEyes solves this with a fully evolved and integrated suite of content management tools for mobile app creation that require no code experience, yet still enable a scalable framework of advanced functions for demanding developers.

News updates appear in the app and the system automatically updates profiles, social media,community pages, groups, etc..

Pages may be published or unpublished at will, and will automatically update across all platforms and devices. Content is automatically stored and optimized for mobile display without any need for additional programming.

The Team

In less than three decades, the mobile phone has gone from being a status symbol to being a technology that facilitates almost every interaction in our daily lives. Smart phone traffic is expected to reach 9.6 trillion messages this year.

Anybody can connect to everybody, anytime, from anywhere. In a world with 4 billion mobile phones in use, some 300,000 apps will be downloaded nearly 12 billion times.

Even so, law enforcement is challenged with how to engage citizens in a two-way connection that helps solve crimes and close cases. How can cities change the way they communicate with citizens? The solution is iWatch, Closewatch 's mobile technology platform for law enforcement.

Closewatch is a software development company dedicated to better educating Americans by delivering reliable communications tools that help law enforcement agencies empower, inform, educate, motivate and interact with the community at large. With a mix of closed, open and combination data warehouses, the company’s products allow law enforcement to deliver information to the right audiences, in the right format, via the right communications method.

John Dalton ~ Chairman & Interim CEO

temp Prior to joining Closewatch , Mr. Dalton was founder, Chairman & CEO of Dalton Creations, LLC headquartered in Houston, Texas (2000-2012), an entity involved in locating and funding private and public investment projects. During his tenure at Dalton Creations, Mr. Dalton was involved in funding and operating companies in the energy manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and production, telecommunication, and entertainment industries. Mr. Dalton funded and sold ATAG, Inc. (2000-2003), an energy related company involved in the manufacture of sub-sea blow-out preventer control systems. His primary responsibilities at ATAG included financial direction of the company with primary responsibility for $15M in investment. This company was sold in 2003 to Oceaneering International, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

John was the CEO and co-founder of WorldPort Communications, Inc. (1991-1999), an international communications company involved in trans-Atlantic fiber-optic cable ownership, domestic and international switching operations, operator services and technology based telecommunications solutions for the international communications industry. As co-founder, Mr. Dalton participated in securing $300 million in capital, and the development and implementation of the company's business strategies. WorldPort created $350 million in market capitalization (NASDAQ-WRDP) for its shareholders and sold in late 1999 to Energsis, Ltd. of London, England for $570M.

Prior to WorldPort, Mr. Dalton was sole owner of a successful permanent and temporary employment company in Houston, Texas, served as Internal Audit Director for Ander Clayton (Quaker Oaks/Seven Seas Foods), Controller/Associate Publisher of World Tennis Magazine and International Controller for Buttes Gas & Oil/Progress Drilling and Marine, Inc. an oil and gas explorations and production company with a sixty rig international drilling operation. Mr. Dalton holds a Bachelor of Business Administrations in Public Administration from Texas Tech University (1970) in Lubbock, Texas and has completed advanced accounting hours at the University of Houston (1973) in Houston, Texas.

Focus Industries: • Technology • Energy • Manufacturing

Jared Kearney ~ Member Board of Directors

temp With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Jared Kearney is the Group Vice President of sales for Verizon Enterprise Solutions with responsibilities for the South Central US, Canada and Latin America. In this role, he is charged with growing and maintaining the group's extensive customer base.

He is responsible for over $2.3B in revenue and executing marketing plans to increase penetration. His team's primary focus is to acquire new customers who want to extend their reach and enter new markets by connecting to an intelligent global IP network, leveraging machine to machine solutions, driving a mobile workforce and leveraging the entire Terremark Cloud services portfolio to drive unique solutions within his market. The team sells the full Verizon Enterprise Solutions portfolio including network services, managed services, data center, IP, security, professional services and outsourcing solutions within the enterprise markets. Kearney also has responsibility for the in-direct channel sales within his territory. Kearney assumed these roles following the launch of Verizon Business in January 2006.

Previously, he worked in multiple regional vice president and general manager roles within the Corporate West Division of MCI. In these positions, he had responsibility for 300+ sales and service professionals across a nine-state territory. He has had increasing responsibility since he began his career in 1984.

Herb Meyer ~ Member Board of Directors

temp Founder & President of Real-World Intelligence & Storm King Press. Served as Special Asst to CIA During Reagan Admin

Herbert E. Meyer is founder and president of Real-World Intelligence, Inc., a company that designs business intelligence systems for corporations and financial institutions, and of Storm King Press.

During the Reagan administration, he served as special assistant to the director of the Central Intelligence Agency and as vice chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council. He is the recipient of the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the intelligence community's highest honor. Prior to his service with the government, Mr. Meyer was an associate editor of Fortune, where he specialized in international reporting.

Mr. Meyer’s essays on Intelligence and Politics have been published in The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, Policy Review and The American Thinker.

Mr. Meyer is host and producer of The Siege of Western Civilization, a DVD that outlines the threats to America’s security, economy, and culture.

These days, Mr. Meyer is a popular speaker on the lecture circuit. He delivers his overview of global trends and developments, entitled What in the World is Going On?, to corporations, business associations, student organizations and public affairs groups throughout the world.

SELECTED BOOK TITLES The Cure for Poverty: It's the Free Market: History's Greatest Invention (2011)

How to Analyze Information: A Step-by-Step Guide to Life's Most Vital Skill (2010)

Real-World Intelligence (2001)

Hard Thinking (1993)

How to Write (Co-Author with his wife Jill) (1993)

The War Against Progress (1979)

Bill McDonald~ Mergers & Acquisitions

temp Over his fifteen-year career at Capital Alliance, William McDonald has successfully closed over thirty complex acquisition and financing transactions in multiple industries and has twice been awarded the M&A International "Dealmaker of the Year" award. As program manager on the firm's fourteen USConnect transactions, Bill successfully negotiated record-breaking valuations for his sellers. He has been involved in the creation, sale, or acquisition of companies in the areas of computer software, energy, publishing, and insurance/risk management, among many others.

Before Closewatch , Bill developed his negotiating skills as President and CEO of two companies: American Financial Alternatives, Inc. and Interactive Training Solutions, Inc. He also worked six years with Hall Financial Group in Texas and California, where he managed the acquisition, disposition, and management of investment-grade office and multi-family properties. Prior to that, he spent three years with Merrico Investments Corp., analyzing real estate portfolios for companies preparing for acquisition.

Bill graduated with a BA with honors from Southern Methodist University and has completed graduate work at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is a longstanding Associate Board Member at SMU.
Andrei Nartea ~ Systems Architect ~ Chief Technologist

temp From abstract to execution, the skills found in Mr. Nartea belie the overall power of his unique intellect. After beginning with the company in a support role, he quickly has grown both in commitment and creativity by developing the iWatch, iPredict, iTag and iMAP products for Closewatch .

These technologies are the direct output of the close working relationship, vision and the impassioned energy he has given to the company. Programming in a myriad of languages and operating systems permits the product to live up to it's potential as a cloud based Law enforcement solution.

But more importantly are the human skills used by Mr. Nartea, those of vision, clarity of form, extensions of function and purity of design. He is a father and husband, with a passion for life, food and friends, and is a trusted resource to customers and colleagues.
William J. (“Bill”) Munn, PhD ~ 911 Services

temp Dr. Munn is an expert in public safety/emergency management with a track record for major program implementation with innovative solutions, effective intergovernmental and industry relations as well as development of academic and research programs related to emergency management and homeland security.

Some of his career accomplishments include the following:

• Directed the implementation of an Enhanced 9-1-1 network serving 1.9 million persons in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Over twenty years, directed investment of $100 million in improvements and upgrades to system, including five generations of call-answering equipment.
• Chaired a national task force which produced a widely distributed set of best practices for missing and abducted child calls for 9-1-1 centers, in partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and professional public safety communications associations.
• Established the Emergency Number Professional program in 1996, the first program to certify managers and commercial providers of emergency 9-1-1 services. Currently, over 800 persons have received the certification, and many employers require it for senior level managers.
• Established and chaired intergovernmental relations program the for National Emergency Number Association extending professional relations with Congress and federal regulatory agencies whose responsibilities include emergency telecommunications.
• Supervised the design and implementation of the first comprehensive disaster recovery program for a major 9-1-1 network in Texas, including development of fully redundant facilities.
• Served nine years on the Board of Managers of the National Emergency Number Association, including two terms as President.
• Established and maintained relationship between 9-1-1 district and Texas legislature and state regulatory agencies. Testified numerous times before state house and senate committees as well as Public Utilities Commission.

Dr. Munn is a member of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers and has several published white papers on the subject of 9-1-1 services. He also co-authored Human Resource Management in 9-1-1, published in 1997.